Working on my look

I’ve focused the last few weeks on editing my shots. Taking the photos I didn’t like in the past and putting new life into them. I seem to favour popular vintage looks as opposed to sharp modern images. My end results seem to mimic analogue film in tonality and presence. I’m also learning how there are different ways to edit the same image. Once you discard the notion that there is a right and wrong way to edit the whole process becomes more enjoyable.

Film Hannah 1 (1 of 1)

I hope over the next few weeks to squeeze in a couple of photoshoots to really explore this analogue vibe that I’m feeling. Perhaps do a shoot in both Digital and Film to see how the same shots look from different mediums.

The majority of my edits recently have been black and white. This is new territory for me as I’ve only shot in colour until recently. I’m ashamed to say I used to find Black and White understimulating to look at but I’m valuing it more and more as I progress.



Collaboration with Katie

I finally decided to get my act together and start taking my photography to the next level. Since I fell in love with Portrait Photography I organized a photo shoot with a friend and aspiring model Katie. She did a wonderful job and made the whole experience smooth and great fun. Kudos to her for being patient with me while I fiddled with the lighting set up multiple times. All in all I’m super happy with the results and can’t wait to set up another shoot.

My set up consisted of two remote flashes which I used in a magnitude of different set ups (trial and error mostly). I found one flash lighting the background and one directly on Katie seemed to work best for that environment. The vast majority of the shoot was done with my 50mm prime lens as I feel most comfortable using this lens and it gives a crisp image.

Working on multiple shots of the same subject in the same environment really helped me find my style of post production. I found myself returning to similar settings completely coincidently. 100% of editing happened in Lightroom.

As I said I’m excited to partake in another shoot asap. I feel my second shoot will be even smoother than the first. With the knowledge of how my gear handles and a basic understanding of different lighting set ups, I can see it happening much quicker.


Recent ongoings

I’ve been quiet recently as I’ve been unwell. I’ve used my down time to really practice my composition and framing for images. I’ve also invested in an Olympus OM10 35mm Film camera. When I started my journey into photography I dismissed film photography as redundant. As I’ve progressively got more comfortable behind the lens I’ve begun to see the value that using film could bring. Stopping to think about composition and settings and not firing off hundreds of ‘disposable’ shots to get the perfect one.

I want to use my film to document my journey into photography with physical photos for my personal collection. Collect the ‘memories’ of my shots onto a wall or into a book. This is a really romantic idea for me and will hopefully teach me a great deal more about the industry and subject.

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Learning Portraits

Okay, so I’ve tried a few different Photography disciplines now. I seem to enjoy Nature and Portrait Photography the most. I’m under no illusion that my work is of a professional standard yet. I do feel, however, that I am improving.

My next goal is to learn how to use photoshop to manipulate my images to meet my personal standards before publishing. Currently I’m using a mixture of and Instagram to edit images. Using is great and expense-free method but is restrictive and Instagram degrades the resolution massively.



Used my day off this week to muck about with different lighting and settings. Thought I’d try something out of my comfort zone. I decided to focus on my favorite features; my collar bones and shoulders. More specifically, how the light catches them.

My Canon 1300D has a remote feature allowing me to control the camera settings and focus on my Phone. Today I’ve learned how to operate this feature and had lots of fun playing with my reflector and light.

First Photoshoot

I’ve not posted anything in awhile so this is what I’m working on currently.

On my journey in Photography, I want to try my hand at all aspects and styles. The idea behind this is for find where my skills and passion collide. This is my first attempt at Portraiture and I have to say it was thoroughly enjoyable. My better half was generous enough to model for me.

Working with my partner made communication easy and not awkward. I’m interested to see what happens with a model that I hardly know. Am I capable of expressing my directions to a stranger?