I took the opportunity to go and see my sister at university in Falmouth last week. I couldn’t travel all that way and not snap any pictures. Nothing daring or exciting, just some memories I’d like to keep pictures of.


Sunny Spring Photoshoot 2

The weather was excellent again over the weekend. I decided to repeat last week’s idea of an outdoor photo shoot. I also tried to pass on some of my (limited) photography know-how to my partner, giving her the opportunity to use one of my retired cameras to snap whatever she liked.

I’m really enjoying Portrait Photography and getting creative with light. I feel my abilities are getting stronger with each passing shoot. I’m starting to feel It might be time to vary my subject/focus though and give my partner a break from constant modeling 😛

Perhaps over the coming weeks, I can arrange someone else to picture. I would also like to purchase some lighting rigs for indoor shoots. I’ve seen some reasonably priced kits on Amazon.

Learning Photoshop

Following on from my previous post, I’ve downloaded a photo-editing software. I’ve been playing around and watching Youtube videos on how to effectively edit pictures. I’ve still got a long way to go but here are some examples of what I’ve managed to achieve so far.

I’ve been concentrating on perfecting the model’s skin with a variety of tools. This action still takes me a while and I hope with time and practice that I can speed up this progress. I am starting to understand the immense value of Photo-editing software to Photographers and creating the per perfect image.