I took the opportunity to go and see my sister at university in Falmouth last week. I couldn’t travel all that way and not snap any pictures. Nothing daring or exciting, just some memories I’d like to keep pictures of.



Used my day off this week to muck about with different lighting and settings. Thought I’d try something out of my comfort zone. I decided to focus on my favorite features; my collar bones and shoulders. More specifically, how the light catches them.

My Canon 1300D has a remote feature allowing me to control the camera settings and focus on my Phone. Today I’ve learned how to operate this feature and had lots of fun playing with my reflector and light.

First Photoshoot

I’ve not posted anything in awhile so this is what I’m working on currently.

On my journey in Photography, I want to try my hand at all aspects and styles. The idea behind this is for find where my skills and passion collide. This is my first attempt at Portraiture and I have to say it was thoroughly enjoyable. My better half was generous enough to model for me.

Working with my partner made communication easy and not awkward. I’m interested to see what happens with a model that I hardly know. Am I capable of expressing my directions to a stranger?

Daniel Dawson Album Recording 2016

We are coming to the close of the recording process, this was my first long commitment project for quite sometime. The recording process has rekindled my love for the science and adventure of sound capture. The love that I lost while studying the subject in my University days has progressively returned. Thus the reformation of this website.

Those of you that have experienced Daniel’s live performances will know how much of a dynamic range he demonstrates with his vocal.  Although this sounds excellent live this proved the first hurdle within the recording process. My current lack of external EQs and Compressors meant I had to find a viable work around to avoid clipping and distortion. My solution was to use a Dynamic Microphone as opposed to a typically used, more sensitive Condenser Microphone. This allowed me to record the performance with Daniel’s full dynamic and reduce most the horrible room  reverb that plights us Homestudioers.

Me and Daniel have worked together to produce the sounds that he wanted. I have remained a tool at Daniels disposal throughout the recording process. If he had an idea I would try my best to accommodate it. Remember I work for the Artist and my work isn’t complete until they are satisfied, even if I am not (in this case though, I am).

A single from the Album is going to be free to download once finished so keep and eye out for that in a later post, along with links to buy the full album.

For now here is an un-produced taster.